Allocate assets

Our approach to asset allocation is straightforward: we look at all the asset allocations and see which one looks best, based on Insight's simulations. Then we choose that.

Our approach sets us apart from others in the industry, as we:

  • Use a stochastic model.
  • Allow for term, goal and risk optimisation.
  • Access and include a wide range of economic variables.
  • Have the ability to reflect a low interest rate environment.
  • Involve academic study with our model development and maintenance.

With our Insight model in place and the freedom to ascertain what's important, asset allocation becomes a mathematical problem, curbed only by the speed of computational calculations.

A succesful approach

We have successfully used this approach for risk targeted model portfolios for 15 years and fund allocations for 10 but the approach is also very effective at tackling more complex situations like saving for retirement income where simple summary statistics struggle to capture important aspects of the situation. The approach provides consistent results and automatic updates.

EValue offers allocations in several formats:

  • Standard risk and term targeted model allocations
  • Bespoke allocations including analytics, support for management processes and compliance
  • Online allocation optimisation

All of these are deliverable in all of our usual formats as well as through various platform channels.

See how Zurich have used Asset Allocations from EValue.

Independent assessment of our approach has consistently produced outstanding results.

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