Insight and Engines

The foundation for financial intelligence including forecasting, optimised asset allocations and independent reviews

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What is it?

Insight is EValue's industry-leading asset model.

Its robust, realistic forecasting capabilities provide a solid foundation for:

  • Advisers and consumers to understand investment risk and reward and build plans to deliver secure financial futures
  • Risk assessment of funds and portfolios taking account of the durational risk characteristics of different asset classes
  • Delivery of risk targeted strategic asset allocations, which have been used successfully by fund and wealth managers for over 10 years
  • Product providers and fund managers to use for developing market-leading investment propositions, such as income drawdown pathways.

Why you should use Insight


Shows a range of plausible investment outcomes to help your clients make better decisions.


Structured with clear and explicit steps from the inputting of market data through to modelling recommendations and published outputs every quarter.


Built from the ground up to ensure consistency between currencies, inflation, yields, income and capital growth.


Continually updated to provide an unbiased view of the investment prospects implied by current markets.


Deployed over multiple time horizons, for multiple goals in multiple currencies and in all major countries around the world.


25 years of deployment and continuing development and used by our blue chip clients, Insight delivers proven performance against risk targets.

All of our tools and widgets are based on our calculation and advice engines.

They provide a foundation of reliable, compliant financial planning, so you can trust the information they give you.

Calculation Engine

Our Calculation Engine is the power behind our robust and realistic forecasts. It carries out all the calculations to meet your financial planning needs.

It can process thousands of simulations in under a second, giving you a wide range of forecasts and scenarios.

The Calculation Engine also ensures consistency across all modules and distribution channels, delivering a genuine omni-channel approach.

Advice Engine

Our Advice Engine makes automated advice possible. It has all the algorithms and parameters needed to create a comprehensive range of robo advice solutions.

We can configure these parameters to your specific business and regulatory compliance requirements. So, you can deliver automated advice that's guaranteed to be compliant.

Ways to use Insight

Result forecasting, risk management, asset allocation and investment proposition development

Insight will help you

  • Paint a real-world picture of your client's future to help make grounded investment decisions.
  • Create and manage asset allocations tailored to your requirements – taking into account the wide range of assets available – with the aim to deliver great risk-targeted investment performance.
  • Risk rate a fund against a benchmark and term of your choosing, out of the thousands of investment funds available in the market.

Ways to use Insight
retirement income journey planning tool on a desktop computer

EValue's Insight pedigree

With over 25 years' experience, we help our clients realise the digital transformational benefits of stochastic modelling.

Our comprehensive range of services, used by 80% of the UK's largest financial institutions, provide the expertise you need to meet the challenges of today's financial planning and wealth management landscape:

  • Pension and investment forecasting
  • Advanced financial planning tools for advisers
  • Automated multi-goal digital advice
  • Risk suitability
  • Optimised strategic asset allocations for fund managers