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Put more focus on the customer journey

The challenge

One top tier pension provider had to offer the right online support following changes to post-retirement options, so came to us for help. It needed a way to help customers make the right decision for their future income, via self-service and advice. Regulatory demands made the timescales very tight.

The solution

The benefits

  • Lets more customers use the system than ever before
  • Reduces time-to-market with off-the-shelf calculations
  • Ensures our client can create an engaging customer journey
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Improve customer experience with an automated advice process

The challenge

Our client wanted an automated advice process that included the explanation and calculation of risk and reward for each investment. As well as needing technical help, they were under tight time pressure and wanted to use a robust forecasting solution that was immediately accessible.

Our solution

Our API portal

The benefits

  • Increases speed-to-market
  • Gives the business a flexible and future-proof advice process
  • Eliminates requirement to put complex calculations into the front-end
  • Removes need to use valuable internal resource on testing
  • Ensures the business could expand into further territory with a similar solution

Produce an all-inclusive solution with bespoke branding

The challenge

When we worked with this organisation, it had a competitive challenge to provide financial wellbeing and modelling for retirement for employers. The existing modeller was out of date and needed replacing. Our client wanted a best-of-breed solution that could be maintained outside of the company.

The benefits

  • Set up configurations to suit different types of clients/end users, with different fees and functionality available
  • Shows both risk and reward using our stochastic model
  • Improves time-to-market with our off-the-shelf tool
  • Includes client’s branding and individual requirements
  • Incorporates a settings module that lets our client configure the tool for individual employees, without needing our help
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