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Improve consistency of advice with efficient processes

The Challenge

Our client, a medium-sized adviser firm, needed to create an end-to-end suitability process that let its advisers identify an investor's risk profile and then choose suitable portfolios. Most importantly, it needed to let advisers prove the entire process is consistently aligned with the investor's risk profile.

Our solutions

The benefits

  • Creates an end-to-end suitability process from investor to investment
  • Ensures the consistency of advice
  • Simplifies and improves the efficiency of the rules for selecting funds
  • Helps advisers create better outcomes for clients using our optimisation routine
  • Lets advisers show the risk and reward, and easily calculate investor risk profiles
  • Ensures individual portfolios are on risk and auditable
  • Gives access to a wide range of plug-and-play components to support and create custom solutions
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Improve customer experience with an automated advice process

The challenge

As a large high-street financial institution, our client needed to streamline its financial planning advice segment. The existing process was onerous and manual, and only a limited number of staff were able to provide advice. This was stifling efforts to improve customer experience and limited how many people could access advice services.

The benefits

  • Reduces savings advice time by 90%
  • Reduces investments advice time by several hours
  • Lets staff spend better quality time with customers
  • Gives customers an accessible and personalised platform to help them save and invest
  • Led to roll-out of the solution across the country, following successful pilot

Increase quality of transfers

The Challenge

We worked with a high-street adviser that needed its central team to consolidate investments in a robust and compliant way. They had to ensure when recommending to transfer funds or investments that it was the best option for each customer and could be proven to be so.

Our solutions

The benefits

  • Increases the quality of transfers
  • Makes the business safer and more robust
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