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Lifetime Cashflow Planner

Lifetime Cashflow Planner lets you manage multiple goals over the lifetime of your client, so you can make sure they stay on track to achieve their targets. You can see all goals, incomes, investments, expenditures, debts and pensions, creating a holistic planner.

You can also see the probability of your customer's investment achieving various returns. By displaying a range of different scenarios and using ‘what if' combinations, you can show your customers how to use their investments to meet their life goals.

Lifetime cashflow planner

Protection Planner

Protection Planner lets you have quick and easy conversations with your customers about life cover. You can start off on at a very high level and show a simple breakdown of how long your customer's money will last, before going into further detail.

You enter details such as monthly expenditures, life cover amount, existing assets, debts, and spouse pensions, and Protection Planner shows long your customer's money will last. You can also backsolve using Protection Planner. For example, if a customer wants their life cover to last until their spouse is a certain age, the tool will say how much life cover they need to have.

With Protection Planner, you can have a conversation about life cover without needing a full fact find.

Protection Planner

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