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ISA Forecaster

ISA Forecaster is an easy, clear way to explain risk and reward. You can put your client's investment into context, showing what their choices could mean for them. If people understand what you're offering and why it's a good choice, they're more likely to buy your products.

The tool projects forward what ISA rewards might be and compares this against cash. You can personalise the numbers so your client can see the reality of their investment choices.

ISA Forecaster

Investment Planner

Use Investment Planner to show your customers their investment risk, displaying how investments with a particular risk profile perform compared to cash.

Investment Planner is a simple tool that shows your customers how their investment will perform over time compared to cash savings.

You can enter the amount your customer wants to invest, set the risk profile and then compare it to how cash will do. It's entirely configurable, so you can set the tool up to align with your processes.

Investment Planner also lets you enter targets and withdrawals, so you can use it as a high-level display for in-retirement options. The simple, quick forecast is an easy way to explain risk for both accumulation and decumulation.

Investment planner

Cash comparison

Investment Forecaster with Cash Comparison is an investment forecaster that shows the chance of your customer’s investment giving a higher return than cash.

You simply enter the lump sum or monthly contributions being invested, as well as the investment term and strategy. This shows how the investment might perform, then shows the chance (in percentage) of the investment return being higher than cash returns.

It gives your customer a clear comparison between investing their money and saving into cash.

Retirement Planner

Investment forecaster

The Investment Forecaster shows the range of outcomes your customer’s investment could take over their selected time period. You input information like the lump sum or monthly contribution, as well as the investment term and strategy.

Your customer then sees how their investment will perform over the selected term, with a forecast showing low, mid and high returns.

Retirement Planner

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Investment backsolver

Investment Backsolver takes the target figure your customer wants to make, then sets out how much they need to invest to reach it.

Guidance is available for both monthly and lump sum investments, depending on how your customer wants to contribute. The widget also takes into account the investment term and strategy, and any existing investments.

The stochastic forecast shows a range of returns – low, mid and high. If your customer wants greater certainty about what they could earn, it’s easy to adjust to account for this.

Retirement Planner

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