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Portfolio optimisation comparison

Portfolio Optimisation Comparison shows your customers an in-depth comparison of their current portfolio and an optimised portfolio.

You can show funds with a current and optimal allocation, and the results from changing the allocations. This includes an investment forecast over a chosen time period, detail into the portfolio risk rating and efficient frontier, as well as analysis of asset classes.

This widget is a neat way to show how changes in fund allocations can affect possible low, mid and high returns.

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IHT forecaster

Inheritance Tax Forecaster shows your customers how financial planning can help reduce their potential inheritance tax liability.

You can show them their inheritable assets and tax reduction without planning, then go through and add methods like gifts, allowances and loan trusts to see what difference they make to the tax levels.

It’s an easy way to show your customers the importance of financial planning when it comes to the assets they want to pass on.

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