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Risk Profiler

This off-the-shelf psychometric questionnaire lets you identify a client's attitude to risk. It communicates investment risk in several ways, using visuals, illustrations and descriptions.

Different scales are available: 5, 7 and 10. And you can either use our risk questionnaires or configure it your own – or third party – questionnaire. You can also add in extra questions to make it specific to your processes. We analyse and update our questions annually to make sure they remain suitable.

Risk Profiler lets you email the questionnaire to clients ahead of any meetings. And you can save historical versions and create reports, giving you a full audit trail for compliance.

Our questionnaire is based on absolute scoring, so your clients' scores aren't dependent on anyone else's answers. You can be certain that you're giving the right people the right score, so you can create asset allocations for the right person. It's an independent risk suitability process that takes you from investor to investment. Plus, it's fully auditable thanks to its reporting functionality.

With different ways to collect data – whether that's uploading it, talking through face-to-face or emailing to a client before a meeting – you can tailor each session to your client's preferences.

The Risk Profiler gives you in-depth detail into a client's results. Rather than simply issuing a blanket profile, you can see whether your client sits towards the lower, middle or upper end of a profile.

Income questionnaire

Direct-to-Consumer Risk Profiler

The Direct-to-Consumer Risk Profiler lets users dictate how their journey into investment begins. It's a simplified version of the Risk Profiler and includes an income questionnaire. You and your users can decide how to present the tool and where to begin.

Either start with the risk questionnaire – choosing pre-set questions or bespoke, configured questions – and reveal the risk profile. Or, start with an income strategy. Here your users can see how each of the risk profiles will affect their investment returns, playing with different options and swapping between annuity and drawdown. Then you can go into the risk questionnaire to receive the risk profile.

This direct-to-consumer tool lets you broach the subject on your customers' terms. You can help them better understand their options and give them an easy way of deciding what to do.

Income questionnaire

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