Ways to use EValue Insight

The power of Insight can be used in four distinct and complementary ways

Forecast future outcomes

Forecasting outcomes for a wide range of asset classes.

Insight provides 10,000 year-by-year forecasts of plausible investment market paths from today's market conditions for 75 years into the future. Insight doesn't try to make heroic assumptions about how investment markets may develop, but provides a balanced picture so that advisers and consumers can construct realistic financial plans and assess likelihood.

Effective illustrations at the beginning and throughout the life of an investment plan make for easier and better investment decisions. Nowhere is it more important to use a robust asset model than when constructing and regularly reviewing income drawdown plans in retirement. Powered by Insight's forecasts, adviser solutions can help assess the robustness of a consumer's financial plans, letting individuals make better informed financial decision.

EValue's investment forecasting illustration on a tablet

Manage risk

Managing risk is key to any successful investment strategy.

Assess the riskiness of individual funds and portfolios of funds using Insight's stochastic forecasts of future outcomes.

We help manage the confusion.

With a database covering over 180,000 funds - far too many for a human to track - our Insight model can match appropriate investments to your client's specific risk profile.

Insight risk ratings can be provided either as a standalone service or via our Fund Risk Assessor.

Allocate assets

See what the plausible outcomes might be for each key asset category.

You can clearly see the range of outcomes in any investment, through communication of investment forecasts using numbers and diagrams. Insight provides forecasts for all asset categories to meet the objectives private investors face.

Our projections help advisers illustrate likely outcomes for their clients and help match investments to their specific needs. Clear and well-grounded projections of possible returns build investor engagement and create easier and better investment decisions too. The illustrations are a powerful aid for advisers when communicating their advice, and to product providers explaining their proposition.

Short and long term investment comparison chart on mobile phone

Investment proposition development

Develop unique investment propositions designed to meet differing consumer needs.

EValue has over a decade of experience helping our clients design and illustrate unique investment propositions to meet specific consumer objectives.

We can make adjustments to features and pricing to achieve an optimum outcome for both consumers and product providers. Our analysis also explains the best ways to communicate the benefits of particular products and to understand any associated risks.

See our scope of services and the ways Insight can be a benefit to you.

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